In 2015 the guys received a cheque from the Sgt's Mess Panto

    Two Members of The Pegasus Youth Forum

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    We have our very own Youth Forum.  It was felt there was a definate need in the area, for our older chidren to experience the same opportunities as other young adults.



    One of the aims of the youth forum is to support young people in building on and developing their social skills with their peers. We have encouraged friendships amongst the young people at the youth forum by meeting regularly to discuss their opinions, likes and dislikes about a range of activities, events, as well as evaluating the Pegasus Play Scheme.


    The youth forum aims to listen to the views and opinions of all its members, and encourages the less confident members to contribute in any way they feel able.


    A further way in which skills have been developed is in environmental aspects. We have held the youth forum at several different social locations in the last year in order to role model and encourage the young people to act appropriately in each environment.


    The educational benefits of the youth forum are more of a bi product, and not a main goal, but the benefits are there all the same.

    Each young person receives a letter in the post inviting them to a youth forum meeting. Then minutes are taken and distributed after each meeting. This encourages some of the young people to read as they are pleased to get them in the post. It also gives them a sense of being independent as the letters and minutes are always addressed to them personally.

    Our Youth Forum Bowls Night


        This is what its all about Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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