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in 2014 Sue Clark

Pegasus Chair
Sue Clark
Received Ward and Partners, First time Award for Outstanding Contribution to Children
This was indeed outstanding and Highly Appreciated by Sue, who along with her Husband Thomas, Daughter Kimberley and Son Jamie was presented with the Award at The Mercure Hotel Maidstone. 


Well Done to Jordan Mclester and Luke for receiving a number of Awards, including Sporting Excellence in the face of  Adversity, & Mixed Sport Team of the Year.
Congratualtions from all at Pegasus
Jordan & Luke.
You are an Inspiration to us all.

Jamie Clark
Pegasus's  Very Own Olympic Torch Bearer


 Jamie braves rough seas to carry Olympic Torch
Thursday, July 26, 2012 "Dover Express"

VIOLENT seasickness after two hours aboard the Dover lifeboat as it waited while the tall ship Stavros S Niarchos struggled to enter Dover harbour did not stop Jamie Clark, from St Margaret's, becoming the first person to carry the Olympic Flame on Dover soil since 1948.Brave Jamie, 20, almost missed his chance to be a part of Games history when rough seas battering the tall ship and the RNLI craft left him so violently ill he was unable to hold the Torch as it made its journey to the Prince of Wales Pier.

Jamie started his Olympic quest at Samphire Hoe. He travelled with the Torch to Dover harbour where he boarded the lifeboat which carried the Torch to the Stavros S Niarchos.But appalling weather and strong seas hampered the tall ship's efforts to get into the harbour and the exchange had to take place close to the harbour wall.Rough seas resulted in Jamie being too sick to go aboard the tall ship, and when the Flame was transferred back to the lifeboat to bring it to the pier steps he was still so unwell that his Olympic policewoman escort held it aloft at the front of the vessel.His mother Sue, chairman of the Pegasus Playscheme that runs a three-week summer programme for children and young people with disabilities, said: " It was terrible. But Jamie is invincible and inspirational."Even though they had called another runner up to the pier he said he wanted to do it, that all his college friends were waiting for him."Jamie brought the flame up the steps and along part of the pier before handing over to the next Torchbearer who brought it through the pier gates.Mrs Clark said: "He was the first Torchbearer on the Prince of Wales Pier since 1948. He will always have that moment. He had the Torch and was giving thumbs-up and blowing kisses. We are so proud of him coming back from being so sick to carry his Torch."Jamie added: "It was really good."And Jamie, who showed off his beacon in Deal and to Christ Church primary in Folkestone the following day, was so attached to his piece of history he even took it to bed!Mrs Clark said: "At 11pm I checked on him and he had the torch in bed with him. Next morning when I looked he was up, had made his bed and the Torch was still tucked in."

Thank you to Dover R.N.L.I.
For their reenactment of the Day in sunnier climes. 22/07/2012


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