Sailing at Westbere Canterbury 2011
    Caneoing at Seapoint centre Hythe

    Due to funding issues we had to downsize to 4 groups, but we still took as many children

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    Meet some of our children

    All five groups in 2010 are having a fun, action packed, safe, summer to remember.

    The Giraffes


    Giraffes Group Photo 2009.jpg 


    The Polar Bears



    Polor Bears Group Photo 2009.jpg 



    The Kangeroos Kangeroos Group Photo 2009.jpg


    The Lions

    Lions 2009.jpg

    The Tigers



    Tigers Group Photo 2009.jpg 

    And then to top it all,

     a party to celebrate the end of a fantastic Three Weeks

    Over 120 people all having fun, what more can you ask

    party 6.jpg

    The Start of the Black & White Ball 2010
    At Dover Town Hall



    Some of the Photographs taken by one of our  volunteers
    Thomas Langley

    Just a few of the Pegasus Committee who have helped make Pegasus what it is today
    at the  25th Anniversary Prom @ Dover Town Hall 2011

    'The Macerana'
      Dover Town Hall

    Celebrating 25 years   Pegasus Prom 2011

    Another successful Ball at
    Dover Town Hall 2012

    Beautiful Cup Cakes Courtesy of Kerry Slade