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    Posted by Jamie on 20/08/2015

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ...........What a wonderful way to spend my summer. Laughter all the way. Long may Pegasus thrive. The Ball was just fantastic and To celebrate our 5 years involvement Thank you for arranging for the Youth Forum to arrive in a Limousine. Magic all the way.........Unforgettable. Jamie

    Posted by Jackie Hurman on 19/08/2015

    Thank you to every one involved in providing three weeks of summer fun. Bryn is so changed by the experience that he went off to sit with Pegasus friends at the prom night without a second look back towards the family! He then danced the night away: Last year we couldn't get him to dance for love nor money. Amazing: Every town should have a Pegasus.

    Posted by Kerry Silk on 18/08/2015   Email

    My son attended Pegasus for the first time this year, i wish i had found it sooner he had the most amazing time and left him everyday in the knowledge that the wonderful staff would take care of him and give him an amazing time. Everyday there is new and exciting activities catering for all ages and abilities. I am so glad i heard about the Pegasus Playshceme and instead of doing just one week i am hoping he can do the full 3 weeks. Keep up your amazing work and thankyou .

    Posted by brenda on 17/08/2015   Email

    Awesome scheme as it is every year Marcus loves it and always has he loves the activities and all the staff can't wait to see you all next year long may pegasus continue xxx

    Posted by Sue on 29/08/2013

    Hi Sue, Hope you are well.I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for giving Elliott a place on the scheme this summer.He has had the best start to the summer ever Hats off to you and your team for everything you do.Pegasus is amazing so organized and fun packed.Without a doubt I would say it's the best play scheme Elliott has ever attended.Elliott was made to feel so welcome and really enjoyed meeting all his new friends even engaging in activities we have failed to get him involved in previously horse riding.A happy Elliott, is a happy home, so I can't thank you enough Hope to see you all again soon.Kind regards.Dawn Frater.

    Posted by brenda on 20/08/2013   Email

    what a great scheme again this year i know marcus enjoyed being in group 2 and had so much fun at lazer rush and bowling and going to the restuarent for a meal

    Posted by Lucy Rutland on 29/07/2013   Email

    Thank you to everyone for a fab day, loved spending most of it on the tea cups, pink is my favourite one. Looking forward to bowling tomorrow xx

    Posted by Kim Bladon on 29/07/2013   Email

    Its that time again. Fantastic first day, well done everyone. x

    Posted by Sue on 29/07/2013   Email

    What a great first day. It gets better every year, How is that possible. Thank you everybody you all work so hard.

    Posted by brenda on 29/07/2013   Email

    great first day thankyou to all the staff who work so hard to arrange the scheme

    Posted by Val McLester on 04/04/2013   Email

    Youth Forum had a great night last night bowling at Ashford Fun trip for Easter Holidays. Thanks to all who helped .

    Posted by Tobias mahoney on 17/08/2012

    Tobias has had a fantastic 3 weeks at Pegasus, non stop adventure with the Ball finishing off a great 2012 Pegasus summer... look forward to seeing the photos of everyone dressed up. Tobias has sat all this week thumbing through the photo album, thank you to all the committee for your hard work and to the wonderfull volunteers. xxx

    Posted by Kerry Slade on 12/08/2012   Email

    Can't thank the Pegasus playscheme Staff, volunteers and sponsors enough for providing such a well run, fun scheme, my son Mitchell has had the best time ever, don't know what we would have done without this year as 7 weeks is a long time for him and us, It was his first time at Pegasus and he was made so welcome by the staff and the volunteers, he can't wait for next year, we've been overwhelmed with what the scheme has provided for such a small price, this scheme is so needed as our kids can't excess the regular scheme's and clubs! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Pegasus you've got our gratitude and total support :))

    Posted by Sue Clark on 11/08/2012   Email

    I hope that you spotted the deliberate mistake 2012 scheme (doesn't time fly when youre having fun!)

    Posted by marcus on 11/08/2012   Email

    well what another great year marcus had loads of fun and really enjoys pegasus the volunteers and group leaders were great as always and the staff who fund raise and organise all the trips are wonderful well done to you all

    Posted by Penny Walker on 11/08/2012   Email

    The playscheme provides my daughter with fun, laughter and excellent social opportunities that she can not access any where else. It is the best value for money service available and for the benefits to both the chilren and their families it can not be replaced. I hope it is around for another 25 years and if funding is short Social Services should fund the balance for the benefits it brings. Thank you Pegasus, Penny and Maria x

    Posted by Sue Clark on 11/08/2012   Email

    Another amazing year. Pegasus has a strong committee ensuring all boxes are ticked. Thank you to all of the great people involved in the 2013 Scheme. Everyone of you ensure the continued success and happiness of Pegasus.

    Posted by brenda on 16/05/2012   Email

    yes it was a good party marcus really enjoyed it and thankyou to all who helped arrange it

    Posted by Kim Bladon on 11/05/2012

    What a great Spring Party. Roll on July & let the fun begin. x

    Posted by tracy thompson on 22/08/2011   Email

    Thank you so much to Sue, Kim everyone on the committee, who makes it possible, and to all the volunteers, especially those in group 3 and 4, special thanks to Sarah, Gavin and Tom. Stephen and Joseph had a fantastic 3 weeks.Photo albums were brill. The prom was magnificent,Dont stop believing.

    Posted by karen renham on 16/08/2011

    Joe had a wonderful time in his first year at Pegasus.Thankyou to everyone who made this possible and thanks also for the lovely photograph album so he can keep his memories forever.Joe is already looking forward to next year and we are already counting down on the calendar...

    Posted by brenda on 13/08/2011   Email

    well what another wonderful year marcus had thankyou again to all the staff that make this wonderful scheme possiable marcus had so much fun again and really enjoyed leeds castle .the ball was wonderful and marcus relly eenjoyed wining first prise see you all next year love from marcus and family

    Posted by Brandon on 13/08/2011

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for a fantastic 3 weeks and a brilliant Summer Prom.... Thanks to all the hard working people who made this possible , and so enjoyable...

    Posted by Sue Clark on 13/08/2011   Email

    Our Summer Prom was the Pinnacle Event to a Fantastic three weeks. Thank you to everyone who came and made it a very special evening We certainly know how to party. Dover Town Hall was rocking last night

    Posted by Sue Clark on 22/07/2011   Email

    We Start on Monday, this will be Our 25th Year. Lets make it a Good One. xxx

    Posted by Kim Clark on 21/07/2011

    Not long now! Roll on the best three weeks of 2011.

    Posted by Florence on 16/03/2011

    Very Happy to see this website Hong Kong florence Tuen Mun

    Posted by marcus gliddon on 25/01/2011   Email

    great new site and thankyou for my lottery win

    Posted by Susan Lee on 14/11/2010   Email

    fantastic new sight, shows just how much fun our young folk have at scheme every year.

    Posted by Anna Govan on 09/11/2010

    A very professional website - showcasing Pegasus and all it does fabulously!! What a lot of hard work - well done x x

    Posted by Luke Roberts on 24/09/2010   Email

    Wow Pegasus was amazing once agian looking forward to next year :D

    Posted by Sarah Orridge on 11/09/2010

    Hi to everyone from Fiji!! What a fantastic website, looks great - well done :-)

    Posted by Kim Clark on 10/09/2010   Email

    Well done, Lots of hard work! It's fantastic.

    Posted by Sue Clark on 09/09/2010   Email

    Welcome to our New Website. We welcome your feedback.